complete set of services on capital raising and investment projects realisation



MC «DTI»specialises in capital raising and developing investment projects:

Equity and Debt Capital Raising

  • work out optimal capital structure
  • find potential investors
  • structure investment deals
  • support in signing debt, sponsor support and other types of agreements

Project Development

  • find the prospective investment projects
  • develop project from concept to stage signing of investment agreement
  • support and advise project initiators and potential sponsors

Technical Project Consulting

  • break down the total scope of works and design appropriate structure of subcontractors
  • find the qualified contractors
  • check quality and volume of contractor’s works
  • supervise project timeline
  • technical and financial supervision of the project for investors

Equity and Debt Capital Raising

MC «DTI» provides a complete set of services on capital raising, support in dealing with investors and banks

Work out optimal capital structure

  • monitor equity and debt capital markets
  • scenario analysis of the multilayer matrix combining efficiency criteria for all project stakeholders
  • design the capital structure to ensure the best project efficiency for all project stakeholders

Long-term Equity and Debt Capital raising

  • capital market research
  • negotiate with potential creditors and sponsors
  • create the financial model for creditors and sponsors
  • create funding conditions with specificities and restrictions for the stakeholders of the agreement, recommendations for their minimization
  • support in signing credit and sponsor support agreements (incl. M&A transactions)
  • advising the client to complete the transaction

Project Development

MC «DTI»makes a decision about the basic project concept, the timing of its execution and financing methods

Find the prospective investment projects

  • monitor infrastructure investment project markets
  • find the perspective investment projects and production assets
  • estimate CAPEX, OPEX and revenue of the project
  • find the partners to participate in projects

Develop project from concept to stage signing of investment agreement

  • conduct due diligence
  • develop legal and financial framework
  • work out a detailed business plan and financial model of investment projects
  • work out tender and other project proposals
  • establish SPV
  • cover technical, financial and legal aspects of tender processes and assist in signing investment agreements
  • monitor investment project

Technical Project Consulting

Technical supervision

  • monitor working documentation
  • time control of the construction operations
  • control over the execution of agreements for the production / supply of equipment and materials
  • analysis of the construction management reports
  • verification acts of the executed works acceptance
  • assessment the need for additional work
  • risk management of delays and cost increase
  • control of commissioning

Financial supervision

  • monitor the target use of funds
  • control of conformity of volumes and cost of work performed contractual conditions and prices
  • the identification of the financial planning factors affecting time and cost
  • the analysis of the cost of additional works
  • fulfillment of the register of estimate and contract and financial documentation